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Event Applications

If you are planning to host an event that is open to the general public on Hay Shire Council land or within a Hay Shire Council building, you will need to complete a Hay Shire Council Event Application Form. Once this is completed with all required documents you will receive a letter of approval from Hay Shire Council. The event form must be completed 6weeks before your event with all required uploads, eg. Public Liability insurance, a risk assessment and a site map.

Please be aware, if you are planning to have inflatables at your event there are special requirements for the operators.

Events on Council land and facilities can not proceed if all applicable forms are not ccompleted, and Council has not given consent for the event.
If you have any questions in regard to hosting an event or the application process, please call into the Visitor Centre in Moppett St, or contact;

Liz Moorhouse in the Tourism Team, ph 02 6993 4045, or email

Hay Shire Council Event Application Form
Sample Risk Assesment Form.docx