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Urban Area Fire Permits

Fire and Rescue NSW issue fire permits all year round for any fire lit within FRNSW Fire District. Please visit for more information.

See below for Bush Fire requirements.

Rural Bush Fire Danger Period and Fire Permits

The NSW Rural Fire Service is the responsible agency for all fire control matters within the Shire rural areas, you can visit their site here .

The Bush Fire Danger Period runs from 1 October to 31 March.

If you are planning to light a fire in the open during this time, you will need a permit. 

Depending on the type of fire, a permit may be required all year round or only during the Bush Fire Danger Period. A fire permit is required at all times if a fire is likely to be dangerous to a building.

A Fire Permit is required for burning activities during the Bush Fire Danger Period, or maybe required at all times if a fire is likely to be dangerous to a building.

Fire Permits help ensure fire is used safely and minimize the danger to you, your property and the community.


For information if you require a permit for your actively or what you can and can’t do during a Total Fire Band, please use the resources from NSW Rural Fire Services below, alternatively you can contact the local MIA Fire Control Centre on 02 69667800

Current Fire Danger Ratings and Total Fire Bans

Fire Permits and the Bush Fire Danger Period

Total Fire Ban rules

Guide to restrictions  on Total Fire Ban's

Fire Danger Ratings Information