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Councillors are elected for a four year term, held on the second Saturday in September every four years. The postponement of 2020 Local Government elections to 2021, will not effect the schedule of subsequent council elections. The next Local Government election will take place in September 2024.

Mayor - Cr. Carol Oataway 

​Mobile : 0487 494 704

Email :
Deputy Mayor - Cr.  Lionel ​Garner

​Mobile : 0427 696 346

Email :
Cr. Geoff Chapman

​Mobile : 0428 930 691

Email :
Cr. Jenny Dwyer

​Mobile : 0408 629 553
​Email :
​Cr. Peter Handford

​Mobile : 0427 629 406

Email :
Cr. Paul Porter

​Mobile : 0429 932 182

Email :
Cr. Martyn ​Quinn

​Mobile : 0427 404 197

Email :
 Cr. Darren Clarke

​Mobile : 0407 969 478

Email :

Senior Staff

General Manager - David Webb

Email :

The General Manager reports directly to the Mayor and Councillors and is responsible for providing strategic leadership and support to the organisation. In addition to managing the Directors and overseeing the day-to-day operations and communications of Council, the General Manager coordinates Council's Integrated Planning & Reporting Framework, including responsibility for community engagement, and development of the Community Strategic Plan, Delivery Program, Operational Plan, and Annual Report.  The Office of the General Manager provides support to the Mayor and Councillors and coordinates Council meetings, and manages Council’s Human Resources.

Deputy General Manager, incorporating Corporate and Community Services – Mark Dowling

           Executive Manager ‑ Planning and Compliance – Jack Terblanche

           Executive Manager ‑ Engineering and Operations - Greg Stewart

            Executive Manager ‑ People and Governance - Kirstyn Thronder

            Executive Manager – Economic Development and Tourism - Alison McLean


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