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Applications and Certificates

Development and Building Applications

The following form is required to be submitted when applying for a Development Application, Construction Certificate, Complying Development Certificate or Subdivision (see the Building and Developments page to see if your development requires approval, or contact Council’s Administration Office):

Application Form for Development Application, Construction Certificate and Complying Development Certificate

For assistance in filling out the above form and to see what attachments are required, please read through the following documents:

Development Application Guide

Development Application Supplement

You may be required to submit further information with your application, the below fact sheets and websites may assist:

Considering becoming an Owner Builder ?

The Department of Fair Trading stipulates that residential work in excess of $10,000 be conducted by a licensed builder or an Owner-Builder Permit must been obtained. Where an Owner-Builder is conducting work in excess of $20,000, the Department of Fair Trading requires them to undertake a study course on the responsibilities of the Owner Builder before issuing the Owner Builders permit. For more information on becoming an owner builder, please view the information sheet below:

Information Sheet - Becoming an Owner Builder

Insurance under the Home Building Compensation Fund

Where the building work exceeds $20,000 in value, the licensed builder is required to provide insurance under the Home Building Compensation Fund (formerly known as Home Warranty Insurance) and is required to lodge a receipt with the Private Certifying Authority(PCA). For more information please view the information sheet below.

Information Sheet - Home Building Compensation Fund (Insurance)

BASIX Certificate

The NSW State government requires a BASIX Certificate to be obtained prior to Council or PCA issuing any construction certificate or complying development certificate for residential projects.

These projects include any new house, flats, boarding houses, guest houses, backpacker accommodation, residential extensions in excess of $50,000, and a swimming pool that has a larger volume than 40,000 L. The provisions do not apply to an existing house that is re-sited or to the major part of an existing house that is not subject to renovation.

The contact details for obtaining the BASIX certificate is on

In order to complete the information necessary to obtain the BASIX certificate, you will need a complete set of plans and specifications for the project.

Modify of Surrender Development Consent

Application for Modification or Surrender of Development Consent

Temporary Accommodation

For information on temporary accommodation on-site whilst you build a dwelling, please find fact sheet below:

Temporary Accommodation Fact Sheet

Other Application Forms


Council provides a number of certificates for conveyancing purposes that may be of interest when purchasing a property.

The certificates are:

  • Outstanding Rates & Charges (S 603)
  • Planning Certificate (S 10.7(2) - formerly 149(2))
  • Additional Planning Certificate (S 10.7(5) - formerly 149 (5))
  • Building Certificate (S 280)
  • Outstanding Notices and Orders (S 735A & S 121ZP)
  • Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate (S 24)
  • Dog Compliance Enclosure (for dangerous and restricted breed dogs)
  • Weeds Certificate (Schedule 7 Cl 28)
  • Sewer Diagram (identifies any joint private lines)
  • Water Meter Reading Certificate (filtered and raw)

Application for Conveyancing Certificate

Application for Local Activity (Section 68)

Building Certificate Application

Filming & Photography Application