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Neighbour Issues

Hay Shire Council receives frequent enquires regarding neighbour issues and disputes, unfortunately many of these issues are outside of Council’s control and are covered under state regulations and legislation. 

The list below may assist residence when dealing with these issues.



There are noise restrictions which apply particularly in residential areas. Some of the restrictions are:

  • Power tools and equipment (power garden tools eg lawn mowers, leaf blowers, electrical and pneumatic tools, chainsaw or circular saws, gas or air compressors, swimming pool / spa pumps)

    These items should not be used between

    8pm – 7am weekdays and Saturdays
    8pm – 8am Sundays and public holidays.
  • Musical instruments and sound equipment (radio, tv, hi-fi’s, tape recorders, records, DVD or CD player, public address systems or computer games)

    Noise restrictions apply between

    12 midnight – 8am Friday, Saturday and any day preceding a Public Holiday.
    10pm - 8am Any other days
  • Domestic air conditioners or water heaters 

    Noise restrictions may apply between

    10pm – 7am weekdays
    10pm – 8am weekends and public holidays.
  • Motor vehicles (except when entering or leaving residential premises)   Noise should be kept to a minimum between   
    8pm – 7 am weekdays
    8pm – 8am weekends and public holidays

For more information visit



All slow combustion woodheaters tend to smoke at light-up or refuelling.  However, there is no reason for woodheaters to smoke excessively for long periods of time if they are operated correctly and are well maintained.

Minimising the emission of visible smoke from woodheaters and fireplaces can have substantial health benefits for the community.

Please visit the following website to find out more about tackling wood smoke issues in your community:


Dividing Fences

Dividing fences separates the land of adjoining owners or neighbours. Hay Shire Council is not responsible for the legislation, rules or procedures governing dividing fences within the Shire.

Established procedures should be followed when erecting and funding a dividing fence. If disputes arise, the matter is determined by a State Government Tribunal.

Please visit the Dividing Fences Act 1991 below, for more information:


Trees (Dispute Between Neighbours)

Council is not responsible for the administration concerning disputes between neighbours with trees located on private property.

Council’s policy is not to become involved in these disputes or in making assessment or reporting to the local court on behalf of individual neighbours.

Please visit the Trees (Disputes Between Neighbours) Act 2006 below, for more information: