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Street Trees

Street trees within Hay Shire are community property and it is an offence to damage or remove one. Any concerns relating to street trees should be addressed to the Council who will investigate the issue and take any appropriate action.

Council will provide and plant suitable trees on nature strips provided that a written application is made for such plantings, containing an undertaking from the applicant that the trees, once planted, will be watered and otherwise maintained by the applicant.

Applications for the removal of any tree on Council controlled property shall be determined by the appropriate Committee of Council upon consideration of the following:

  • Written application from a resident and/or a Council officer stating reasons for removal; and
  • Inspection and report by a qualified arborist.



As a road reserve, nature strips are under the control of Council, therefore any works require approval from Council through a Road Opening Application (please visit the Roads & Cycleways section). Some of these works could include; driveways, watering systems, etc.


It is up to the resident to maintain the nature strips adjacent to their property e.g. watering and mowing.