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CyclewayLocated in the Riverina, Hay sits at the intersection of three major highways: the Cobb, Sturt & Mid Western Highways. The Hay Shire Council in conjunction with the NSW Roads and Maritime Services  maintains a significant network of roads throughout the Shire which encompass both regional main roads and residential roads and streets.

Council aims to maintain the existing road network in good condition with the financial resources available and to improve existing surfacing wherever possible. If you have any feedback or concerns about Council roads, please contact the administration office during normal business hours.



Council has been extending its cycleway network as funding become available, with the intention to link points of interest with Hay, such as museums, parks, swimming pool, schools and the other points of interest.

The Hay Bike Plan was created in June 2016 and details the long term planning goals and future drection of the Cycleways Project.

The Hay Bike Map, below, shows the current path of the cycleway's network, and will be updated as more sections of the networks are added.


Works on Road or Road Reserve

Works on a road or road reserve (i.e. nature strip) require approval from Council. Please view the Road Opening Policy below for more information, and, if required, please submit to Council the Application Form below accompanied by the relevant fees.


B-Double Access at Intersections in Hay Shire

Hay Shire Council is pleased to inform the local heavy vehicle operators that the Road and Maritime Services (RMS), NSW has approved the ten intersections (marked in this map) identified by the Council as requiring B-Double access. The heavy vehicle operators are advised to apply for access via the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator portal at the following link –

While the turning paths are not ideal at each location, the RMS is happy to consider access under permit for B-Doubles at those locations due to low traffic volumes and increased sight distances. Council also notes that the local roads intersecting those highways are not ideal for the B-Doubles. As such the operators are advised to be cautious of the road conditions for the safety, road width and structural integrity of the pavement.