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Swimming Pool Compliance

Each year on average 10 children under 5 years of age drown in backyard swimming pools and many more suffer brain damage and other serious injuries associated with drowning accidents.

Swimming pools can have a fatal attraction to young children so there are certain mandatory safeguards in place which are required by the Swimming Pool Act.

Even in small or large portable pools, kids can drown in seconds!

• Small pools should only be used if you will empty and store them away upright after each use.
• Use larger portable pools only if you are willing to fence them.
• Fines apply if you do not have a four sided fence around any pool that can be filled with more than 30cm of water (the size of an average ruler)


For more information on pool safety and requirements please view the following links:

New Laws for Selling or Leasing a Property with a Pool as of April 2016

Please find below information sheets relevant to anyone selling/leasing or purchasing a property with a swimming pool: