Sporting Facilities

Hay Tennis Courts

The Hay Tennis Courts are located in Lachlan Street, south end, before the Hay Bridge. Synthetic grass courts are available  for hire at $12 per court. To book a court, you can contact Tony on 0419 571 292.

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Squash Courts

There are two squash courts, located at the Hay Services Club in Murray Street. It is not necessary to book the courts. There is a turnstile for the lights for the courts, which cost $3 per hour. You can play a game of squash any time the Club is open. You must provide you own squash racquet.

Lawn Bowls

There are two Clubs in Hay which have bowling greens. The Hay Services Club has social bowls Thursday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays. All that is required is to place you name on the "Bowls Board" at the Club prior to the game. A small cost is involved, depending on the competition.

Bowling Club

The Bowling Club (located on the corner of Murray & Lachlan Street) has two greens and social bowls are played on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Flat-soled shoes must be worn, and there is a small charge.

Golf Course

Hay has one the best 18-hole sand-green golf course in NSW. Located on the Sturt Highway (west of Hay), it is situated on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River. You can play anytime, but must bring along your own clubs and sand bucket. A small charge is incurred.

Football Fields

There are two football fields in Hay, which are used by the AFL, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Soccer and cricket teams. Both are located at the Hay Park, and have a canteen, BBQ facilities and amenities close by. Netball Courts

Hay has three outdoor and one indoor netball court. The three outdoor courts are located at the Hay Park and are open to the public all the time. The indoor court is located at the Multi Purpose Centre and must be booked in advance. There is a small fee incurred.

Spirit of ANZAC

The Spirit of ANZAC centre is located at the Hay War Memorial High School. It is a new facility, officially opened in November 2003. Inside the Spirit of ANZAC centre there are several sports courts, including netball, basketball, volleyball and badminton. The facility also has a stage, toilets, change rooms with showers, and canteen. Sporting groups are able to book the MPC and a small fee is incurred for the use of the court.