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Draft Policy – Sale (Trade) of Water

As a Local Water Utility (LWU), Council is permitted to engage in Temporary Trade of Town Water Allocations with the approval of DPE – Water (i.e. requires Ministerial approval). Council has in the past traded some of its town water supply when opportunity has presented. Each year Council generally trades some of its PID allocation to other users within the PID. Given Council’s responsibilities as a Local Water Utility and its ability to make additional income from Surplus Water, it is important that there are robust systems and controls in place. In addition, Council may sell in accordance with the Water Management Act 2000, reticulated water to industry and projects including those located outside the Shire, as part of its current allocation, provided it does not impact the current users. This policy on the Sale (Trade) of Water has been developed to meet community expectations, maximise returns and minimise risk. Analysis indicates that Water Usage will not exceed 1400 ML in a Dry Year and 1150 ML in a Wet Year. Accordingly, Council nominates that up to 750 ML of Town Water can be sold (traded) at any time after the commencement of the Water Year up until 31 October. This results in a Recommended Safety Margin of up to 905 ML which is 65% for a Dry Year and 75% for a Wet Year.

Council has resolved to place the draft policy on public exhibition and comments will be received up until 5.00pm Friday 7th June 2024.

Submissions should be addressed to the General Manager, Hay Shire Council, 134 Lachlan Street, Hay or email:
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