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Council Plans and Strategies

Community Strategic Plan diagram

The Integrated planning and reporting process establishes a set of plans to outline the long-term vision for the future of our community, created in partnership with the community of which the Community Strategic Plan sits at the top. The other incorporated plans include ;


Delivery plan

The Delivery Program sits between the Community Strategic Plan and annual Operational Plan (AOP) and outlines what Council will focus on during the elected Councillors’ four-year term of office. It provides more detail than the Community Strategic SP, but less detail than the Operational Plan.


Annual Operational Plan

The Annual Operational Plan is a sub-component of the Delivery Program and is contained within the delivery plan document. It provides greater detail on actions, projects and services planned for the current financial year. Financial information included in the Annual Operational Plan includes a detailed annual budget and Council’s Revenue Policy (rates, fees and charges).


Resourcing Strategy

Council’s Resourcing Strategy outlines the resources available to implement the Community Strategic Plan. Resources are people, money and assets.


Council’s Integrated Planning and Reporting documents are available below:-



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