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Draft Operational Plan 2018/19 and Budget On Exhibition

Draft Operational Plan 2018/19 and Budget On Exhibition

Hay Shire Council’s Draft Operational Plan for 2018/19 and budget are on exhibition for public comment from Wednesday 23rd May to Friday 22nd June. Any submissions received  will be considered at the Ordinary Council meeting of 26th June 2018 where the Operational Plan will be approved and the rates for 2018/19 will be set.  

Council’s Operational Plan is adopted before the beginning of each financial year and details the activities to be engaged in by the council during the year to work towards the achievement of the principal activities of the Delivery Program 2017/21.

The draft Operational Plan includes Results from the 2016 Census show a small fall in the population of the Shire from from 2,956 to 2,943 a decrease of less than 0.5%. The numbers of children and young people under 19 have fallen by 12%; the numbers of people aged between 20 and 64 have risen very slightly and people over the age of 65 have increased by 14% so it is fair to say Hay Shire has an ageing population which has implications for the provision of services by all 3 levels of Government.

Council has decided to be a founder member of the new Riverina and Murray Joint Organisation to be an active part of planning for the future of the region and strengthening the region’s advocacy capacity to promote changes in issues like health and transport inequalities. Hay Shire Council will have an equal seat at the table with the other 8 councils to meet with and influence State Agencies.

Community comments prior to developing the Plan came from surveys in the Council’s fortnightly newsletter, Shire Snippets, and from the Student Representative Council at the Hay War Memorial High School.

Actions in the draft Operational Plan include:

  • Working with community partners on programs that contribute to community pride, inclusion and wellbeing particularly for young people
  • Plan for expansion of the water supply
  • Support the annual Hay Mardi Gras event
  • Work in partnership with the RMS to to improve the appearance of the South Hay Roundabout and promote visits to Hay to travellers on the Sturt and Cobb Highways
  • Review S355 Committees to improve the visitor experience and contribute more to the local economy.
  • Establish an Audit Risk and Improvement Committee and an internal audit program
  • Complete the feasibility study for the Paddle Steamer and Wharf and decide whether to proceed

The proposed rate increase in 2018/19 is the IPART approved rate peg of 2.3%.

In the Revenue Policy for 2017/18 Council indicated the likelihood of needing to increase the Sewerage Charge by 18% in 2018/19, but as a result of receiving more grant funding than anticipated from the Restart NSW fund, Council proposes now to increase the Sewerage Charge by 7.5% which is an increase of only $50 a year for residential connections and $40 for business connections. It is proposed that the remaining charges increase by 2.3%.

Part of Hay Shire Council’s reassessment proposal to be Fit For The Future included applying for a Special Rate Variation. At this stage it is anticipated that it will be an application for a 10% increase including the annual rate peg for 3 years starting 2019/20.  The budget for 2018/19 plans for a small surplus after capital grants.

Large capital projects will be implemented during the year including the upgrade of the Hay Sewage Treatment Plant, the expansion of the Library and the upgrade of Hay Park with NSW Stronger Country Communities Funding.  Council is hopeful of achieving matching funding of $4 million from the Commonwealth Government to match the $4 million from the NSW Government for the Maude Bridge.

In 2018/19 Council will improve its asset management; improve plant utilisation and workforce skills and work with partners to encourage the 25,000 visitors to Shear Outback each year to visit our other 4 museums and contribute more to the local economy.

A survey will be included in the Shire Snippets newsletter.

The Plans are available for review in hard copy at the Hay Council Office and Hay Library, and on Council’s website, on the Home page under Have Your Say

Submissions should be addressed to the General Manager, Hay Shire Council, 134, Lachlan Street, Hay 2711 or by email to

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