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Companion Animals

Companion Animal owners have a responsibility to ensure their pets are not a nuisance and they must abide by the state government laws regarding companion animal ownership.



Microchipping can be done by your local vet or an accredited identifier and is a safe way of ensuring that your pet will be returned to you if it is found wandering or stray.

Microchipping and lifetime registration applies to all cats and dogs which are born, or who change owners, after 1 July 1999. This form of registration is a one off payment and covers the entire life of the animal.

To register your dog or cat just call into Council's administration centre and bring with you your animal's certificate of identification, which you would have received when your pet was microchipped. You also need to bring with you proof of desexing, if this applies to your animal, and any concession card should you be seeking a pensioner rate. Pensioner rates only apply to desexed animals.


Fees & Charges (Cats and Dogs)

All pets in NSW over the age of six (6) months must be microchipped and registered with a lifetime registration under the Companion Animal Act.


Registration fees as at 1st July 2017

$201 for a non desexed animal
$55 for a desexed animal (proof required)
$23 for a desexed animal owned by an eligible pensioner (proof required)
$55 for an animal owned by a registered breeder (copy of current membership required)
$27.50 for a desexed animal sold by an eligible pound or shelter

Assistance Animals require microchipping and registration, however, registration is free of charge. Working dogs do not require microchipping or registration but owners are encouraged to do so for the safety of the dog.

For a full listing of NSW Companion Animal fees, please visit
Registration of a dog or cat can be done at the Council Offices at 134 Lachlan St Hay during business hours or at



Council maintains a dog and stock pound. Prior arrangements must be made to collect any animal impounded and any fees or charges must be paid before any animal is released. Unregistered animals must be micro-chipped and registered before being released and proof or ownership may be required.

Pound Fees

First time offense


Second Time within 12 months


A maintenance fee of $10 per day or part thereof is also charged.

On the Spot fines may also apply if the animal is deemed a nuisance by Council Officers. It is an offence to remove any animal from the pound without approval.


Companion Animal Website - Office of Local Government

The Office of Local Government is responsible for pet registrations in NSW. Their website has forms, brochures and information about keeping Companion Animals.