Levee Bank

 Hay Shire Council is currently upgrading the flood protection levee system for the town of Hay. The northern town levee bank was originally constructed in the mid 1950's and was successful in saving Hay from flooding during a major flood in 1956. The levee bank was extended with a southern section in 1974.

Erosion and settlement has occurred since construction of the levees, and that, associated with an increase of various works within the floodplain upstream of Hay, has resulted in a possible reduction of the level of flood protection should a flood similar to the 1956 event recur.

The existing levees have been subject to an ongoing assessment, which has identified some structural integrity issues.  A proposed levee upgrade has been recommended and a preliminary design has been prepared by Hay Shire Council, with the design based on flood modelling of the Murrumbidgee River reach undertaken by WMA Water from Sydney.

The proposed levee design has recommended that the height be set to the level of the 1956 flood which is slightly greater than a 100 year ARI event.

Funding for the latest flood modelling has been provided by the Department of Environment and Climate Change.

Design and construction of the new levee system will be undertaken substantially 'in house' by Hay Shire Council with funding provided by the Federal and State Governments and Hay Shire Council under the Natural Disaster and Mitigation Programme.