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New Tip Opening Hours for Hay, Maude and Booligal

New Tip Opening Hours for Hay, Maude and Booligal
As advised in late February, Council is implementing a trial of new Tip Opening Hours in order to better manage its waste management facilities.

The reduction in the opening hours of the landfill sites is to ensure the sites are manned at all times when open to the public.

This is to ensure the safety of the public when accessing the site as well as to reduce the contamination of waste streams, to reduce the overall general waste going straight to landfill.

The hours proposed for the 6-month trial is the maximum that can be achieved with current one-man staffing level, and to open additional hours would require a second staff member which would impact costs and potential increase cost to the users/ratepayers.

The proposed trial opening hours is to commence on Monday 20th April 2020:

A reminder that there will limited capacity to accept bulky waste (mattresses, white goods, construction waste) at both Booligal or Maude landfills.

Please remember to practice social distancing with Council staff and other members of the public, and to be patient if you have to wait a few minutes to unload your waste.

Also we ask residents to think about your loads, to enable you to take of the separate waste streams in order to increase recycling of cardboard, green waste, metal waste, etc.

Please see Tip staff to assist with making it easier to unload your waste when you visit our facilities.

Please note that illegal dumping of waste will be monitored by both Council and the EPA with strict laws relating to illegal dumping to ensure wrongdoers pay heavy penalties for potentially harming human health and the environment, with on the spot fines of up $7,500 for individuals and $15,000 for corporations.

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