Parks & Gardens

Relax and enjoy one of Hay's many parks

The Hay Park, (accessible from Moppett Street and Pine Streets) is a large park with facilities for picnics and BBQ's. Ancient Morton Bay Figs under planted with perennials provides a cool spot even on the hottest summer day.

Picnic tables and a gas BBQ enables visitors to enjoy the beauty of the park while enjoying culinary feasts. The lush fernery displays many beautiful varieties of shade plants. Children will find plenty to do. They can play in the playground or feed the ducks and geese in the Duck Pond.

The Hay Park is also the home of many sporting activities. Saturday and Sunday visitors can watch a game of Cricket, Australian Rules, Rugby Union or Rugby League. Toilet facilities are available in the park.

Brewery Park is the name of one of Hay's newer parks. Named because it stands in close proximity to the former old Red Lion Brewery (used until 1915). This park can be found at the Western end of Moppett Street. There is good parking, a picnic table and a panoramic view of the Murrumbidgee River.

The Lions Park is situated on the Northern side of the Murrumbidgee River just near the bridge. This lovely park has a large grassed area, where visitors can relax, toilets, an electric BBQ and a rain water tank for replenishing the "billy".

Hay's Swimming Pool is surrounded by a large area which is beautifully grassed. The swimming pool has a BBQ and served by a kiosk. Entry to the pool is FREE.

Dal Wright Park is a small park named after the man who turned this area into a delightful park and playground. The park can be found on the first left over the bridge from the south, beside the town's water tanks.

The Apex Park is close to Hay's famous attraction, The Gaol Museum. The children can enjoy the swings and a pretend ride in the restored vintage tractor.

Sandy Point Beach is the town's swimming beach. There is a sandy spit leading to the safe family swimming area. Majestic old River Red Gums provide shade to enjoy a relaxing swim or a picnic break.

Ashwill Park, named after the ashwill house, is a new park adjacent to the Visitors Information Centre. Features the famous roses from the house along with new children play equipment.

The Skate Park, adjacent to the Hay Bridge, is Hay's concrete skate park which features jumps, railings and a large bowl. Plenty of Fun for the whole family