Green Hay


Green Hay is an umbrella programme launched by Hay Shire Council, to promote a sustainable future for Hay.
The Green Hay programme will serve as an overarching brand for sustainability projects within the Hay Shire. The program’s objectives are to create a better and sustainable lifestyle for Hay residents, to stimulate our economy, to attract investment and funding, and to grow our existing businesses.
Green Hay will INVENT
The Green Hay programme will discover new products, network amongst producers, and look to reinvent our businesses.
Green Hay will ADVOCATE
The Green Hay programme will advocate our region as a centre of sustainability. The programme will advocate Green Business, the will advocate our corporate reputation. Green Hay will advocate the usage of local produce, and a healthier lifestyle for it’s residents.
Green Hay will INVESTIGATE
The Green Hay programme will investigate new markets for our agricultural produce, and investigate organic farming as suitable for our region. The programme will investigate alternative energy sources for our region, so that Hay can become a leader in the field. Green Hay will investigate waste practices and recycling.
Green Hay will IMPLEMENT
Green Hay will implement projects to achieve a healthier lifestyle for it’s residents, including projects that will contribute to both physical and mental health. The programme will implement project to encourage a more outdoor lifestyle through recreational and tourism initiatives, showing Hay to be a preferred place of residence, as well as investment, in regional Australia.
How will these objectives be achieved?
We need to get people in Hay talking. We need to get school children talking. We need to get business owners talking. And farmers, and bureaucrats, techers, parent, anyone with an interest in Hay. We need to do blue-sky thinking for a Green Hay.
The planning for Green Hay will be done on grassroots level, by asking the community. The Green Hay programme will get the thinkers in Hay together for a series of Think Tanks. There will be a series of seven Think Tanks on different fields – Transportation, Agriculture, Industry, Energy and Water, Natural Environment, Business and Tourism, and Health and Education. These will be held in an informal setting, and the outcomes would be a list of ideas to be investigated further. The list of ideas will be shortened to a number of achievable actions over the shorter as well as longer terms.
Are you interested in becoming part of Hay’s future?
Contact:          Jack Terblanche
                       (02) 6993 2069
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Made in HAY NSW

A “Made in Hay” or “Product of Hay” brand was suggested during the Green Hay consultation. This idea was taken, with a logo being designed, to be used for all produce originating from within the Hay Local Government Area, as well as all products made, manufactured or assembled in the Hay Local Government Area.

Hay Shire Council Mayor Bill Sheaffe said that Hay Shire Council has been actively sourcing ideas from the Hay Community since 2012 on how to improve the economic sustainability of the Shire, and the idea of branding local produce was one of these ideas.

The Made in Hay brand was raised during public consultation and can provide benefits to locally produced products. This does not only provide economic benefits for every local producer, but is also the right way to go for environmental sustainability. Numerous initiatives like the ‘Food Miles’ initiative has been proven to work overseas, and we will try to make the consumer think about what product they purchase – a product that has travelled hundreds of kilometres to land on our shelves, or a product that has only travelled a few kilometres.

Stickers and stamps will also be available from local printers and sign manufacturers.

The Made in Hay brand will be launched at the Hay Library on Thursday November 21st 2013 at 10am, and anyone is welcome to attend.

To download a pdf version click on a 'Made in HAY NSW' logo below. To download as a jpg or bmp file right click on chosen logo and save picture.


Murrumbidgee River Master Plan

 Hay Shire is in need for a strategic approach to its river frontage, to provide guidelines for the future development of the Murrumbidgee River within the urban area of Hay.

The Murrumbidgee River within the confines of the town has been raised in a number of frameworks and policies, and the development and preservation of the river is a logical way to enhance the locality for tourism and the local residents.

The river has been raised as a crucial component of the urban fabric of Hay in the Green Hay consultative process, and the issues that were raised in the Green Hay consultation, as well as an Open Day held at the Lions Park, is addressed in this Master Plan.

The Plan was drafted as a user friendly and practical guideline for the development of the River, and addresses the status quo, zoning, heritage, property ownership, and gauge proposals from these. The River Master Plan does not provide detail planning for the Murrumbidgee River, it rather provides a design framework within detailed planning and cost estimates would still need to be done.

The design principles are the following:

  • Environmental sustainability.
  • Economic sustainability.
  • The river as a social place.
  • The river as an asset for health and fitness.
  • The river as a place of heritage and education.
  • Using the levee bank.

The broad themes for the River Master Plan are:

  • Recreation around the Sandy Point area.
  • Art and Heritage around the Lions Park and Bushy Bend area.
  • An Entrance Statement around the southern entrance of Hay, including the river reserves in this area, Pocock Park, and the bridge. The roundabout on the highway will form an integral part of this.
  • Keep most areas of South Hay in mostly natural state.

The Master Plan was approved by Council on 26 February 2013.

 Click Here to access Murrumbidgee River Master Plan

Any queries can be directed to:

Jack Terblanche
Director of Community Development
Hay Shire Council
134 Lachlan Street
Hay  NSW  2711
Fax: 02 6993 2069