Grey & Black Water

Grey Water Systems

Grey water systems are permitted in areas that have a reticulated sewer system. The grey water system must be installed underground and must meet the Code of Practice adopted by the State Government.

Any overflow of the underground system must return to the sewer drains. Approval should be obtained from Council prior to the installation of any grey water system.

Grey water systems can be used in the Shire villages and require installation underground.  Systems must not present a nuisance to adjoining property owners by having overland flows or insanitary conditions attracted by surface disposal.

It is advisable to install a grease trap on kitchen sink wastes to prevent "clogging" the grey water system.

Additional information and approvals on the requirements for grey water systems are available from Council staff during business hours.

Disposal of Grey and Black Water

Hay Shire has recently installed a black and grey water dump point for your convenience located on Dunera Way past the Hay Showgrounds (see Hay Map).

Disposal of grey and black water can have significant impact on hygiene and the health and safety of many people using the facilities.  Hay Shire has developed guidelines to assist everyone, please familiarize yourself with them.

  • Clean and safe disposal of black and grey water is important for everyone who uses dump points.
  • Black and Grey water contain a wide variety of pathogens that may pose a significant health hazard for you, those travelling with you and others who will use the dump point facilities after you.


  • Ensure tanks, plumbing and seals are in good working order reduce risk of complete or partial failure of your black or grey water system.
  • Equipment failure can lead to unpleasant and dangerous problems including odours, leaks onto public places and difficulty in safe and hygienic disposal.  


  • Formaldehyde-free, 'bio-stimulant' toilet chemicals are the safest to store and handle and are friendlier on the environment.  These type of chemicals can be disposed of in any toilet or dump point system.
  • Other types of sterilising agents may have limitations that will need to be addressed before disposal.


  • Dumping from your waste water tanks should only be carried out using an appropriate dump point or toilet system disposal.
  • Rinsing of the system including seals and hoses after disposal is highly recommended where possible.
  • Ensure any spillage is cleaned up after use and leave the dump point clean and well presented.
  • Do not use hoses provided at dump points to refill fresh water tanks.  These hoses are for rinsing black and grey water equipment and should not be used for other purposes.