Roads & Drainage

Located in the Riverina, Hay sits at the intersection of three major highways: the Cobb, Sturt & Mid Western Highways. The Hay Shire Council in conjunction with the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority maintains a significant network of roads throughout the Shire which encompass both regional main roads and residential roads and streets.

Council aims to maintain the existing road network in good condition with the financial resources available and to improve existing surfacing wherever possible.

With limited financial resources and the cost of maintaining the road network increasing every year, maintaining and improving the standards of the roads within the Shire is becoming and increasingly difficult task.

Hay Council welcomes input and feedback from residents and ratepayers regarding the road system within the Shire and can be contacted during business hours for more information on the road system in the Hay Shire on 02 6993 1003.

Driveway Cross Overs

When installing any driveway crossover from the road to the property boundary it must be constructed to a standard acceptable to the Council and suitably reinforced for the weight of vehicles entering the property.

Consultation with the Council Engineering Department is necessary prior to construction.

Street Trees

Street trees within Hay Shire are community property and it is an offence to damage or remove one. Any concerns relating to street trees should be addressed to the Council who will investigate the issue and take any appropriate action.